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We are interested in collaborating with any designer or craftsperson who shares our vision of liturgical art. New World Byzantine Studios is able to partner with artisans in several different ways:

Are you interested in making liturgical art, but don't know how to get started? Depending on your skills, we may be able to teach you how to make one of our products, or we can design new products suited to your interest and abilities.

Do you already make something beautiful that you would like to sell through our website? Send us pictures. If we feel it is consistent with our vision, we may offer to help you market it.

Do you already have a business selling products like ours? We may be interested in adding a link for your business to our website. That way, we can expand the product offerings shown here and direct more customers to you.

In each of these cases, artisans can remain as autonomous as they wish. Some artisans prefer to sell us their pieces as wholesalers, and we handle the retail sales. Others prefer to maintain their own separate retail businesses, and we just direct customers to them. For custom work, we often do something in between on a case-by-case basis.