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Iconostasis Design

We specialize in the design of iconostases for both new and existing churches. Following the example of the best medieval Russian screens, we design iconostases in which the icons, not the woodwork, dominate the ensemble. We favor large closely spaced icons supported by relatively simple woodwork. Proportions, rather than ornament, lend dignity to the design. Where ornamentation is used, it consists of low-relief carving, painted decoration, fabric panels, or simply beautiful wood grain. These arts harmonize well with icons, and do not compete with them as would a profusion of heavy wood carving.

We will custom design an iconostasis specific to your church’s architecture, budget, and taste. We have an excellent collection of photographs of both ancient and modern screens from which to draw ideas. And we coordinate closely with the iconographer to achieve a true unity of craftsmanship – one in which the icons and the woodwork join together with the structural elegance of fine furniture.

Depending on the client’s preference and the nature of the design, we can manufacture the woodwork ourselves and ship out the pieces, or provide detailed construction drawings for a local carpenter to build from. We can always provide the specialized parts where necessary, such as fabric panels, crosses, and carvings. We also have the capability to manufacture a stone iconostasis in the style of an ancient Byzantine templon screen.